PCE helps flood victims!

In June 2013 one of the biggest high water floods in history happend in Schärding (Upper Austria) nearby PCE.

Ms. Johanna Krautzer (left) thanked for the support through PCE and received a cheuque from Ms. Ingrid Gradinger-Mayer (head or human resources)

Due to this reason the managment board at PCE decided to help its employees, who were effected.


Mrs. Johanna Krauzer, who was effected the most, received a contribution, at least to minimize the costs of loss and damage a little bit.


Next to the company support, all the colleagues decided spontanious to donate as well for the victim Johanna Krauzer.


We want to thank everybody very much for this support and team spirit!



On top of this financial support emloyees could take special vacation to help and support relief operations. Cost for these actions were also taken by PCE.

PC Electric