CEE 63A plugs and connectors

New Design for optimum haptics

The new design (facelift) of the CEE 63A plugs and connectors brings striking improvements in ergonomics. This ensures optimum haptic properties with a modern look.


Lamellar spring:

• Low insertion and extraction forces
• Minimum contact resistance
• Self-cleaning
Optimum contact - at least 10 contact points

TWIST-cable Gland:

Secures the cable firmly in position
• Protects  from water and dust
Safety screw locks the screw cap in position



• For extreme environments 
Expectionally high resistant contact carriers 

Extremely heat resistant contact carriers
Anti-corrosions contacts
Offers protection in aggressive atmospheres, e.g. in chemical plants


TWIST-cable gland
• Optimum grip
Wide connection space
• Fast cable installation
• Open contact terminals, ready for Assembly

Also available in black (event technology) and bronze green (camouflage).

PC Electric